Seasonal Allergies – Whatcha Got?

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and my seasonal allergies are kicking my butt! It seems as though it’s hitting me harder and faster than ever this year. I’m exhausted, and really spacey. Some of my friends are having the same problem.

I’ve been taking over the counter allergy meds, which helps. For me, the only thing that works is pseudoephedrine, the kind you have to ask the pharmacist for, and you feel like a criminal because you have to show your driver’s license, but I digress…

I need to step up my natural remedies. I’ve been working with a naturopath for the last few years, and here are some of her recommendations:

Stay away from dairy. Dairy tends to have a negative effect on our sinuses. And of course, I love me some dairy!

Make sure your air filters are clean.

Vacuum regularly to get dust and other allergens out of your carpet, and consider getting your carpets steam cleaned.

Change your sheets often. Again, allergens can settle into your bedding.

Use a neti pot. I know it’s weird, but it helps to get all of that dust and pollen out of your sinuses.

What other tips do you have for dealing with seasonal allergies? Let me know in the Facebook comments