Something Different for Your Cookout!

Hi this is Leslie, and we all know the traditional 4th of July foods, but have you ever thought about changing it up? Here are some tasty but unusual ideas to bring to your fourth of July cookout:

Try turning your burgers into Juicy Lucy’s. Juicy Lucy’s are from Minneapolis, and are sort of their answer to Chicago style pizza. Instead of putting the cheese on top, these burgers are actually stuffed with it! And topped with grilled onions.

You can change up traditional coleslaw by adding broccoli and or cauliflower, or completely switching them out for the cabbage. You can also try different types of dressing. I had an Asian-inspired coleslaw recently that was delicious.

My husband says everything is better with bacon, so why not wrap your hot dog in it before grilling? You’re sure to see some smiling faces.

Have you ever tried fried okra? Well you can put okra on the grill too! Be sure to cut the stems off, coat them with olive oil and seasoning of your choice. You don’t need to put them on skewers but you certainly can. You can also serve them with some lemon wedges.

What do you bring to your 4th of July cookout? Let me know in the comments.