It is officially summer!  Anyone else excited?

Summer is a time where for most of us, we enjoy music outside, grilling, working outdoors, swimming, things like that.   But I want to take a second to bust some myths that people have about this wonderful season.

Some people think you can catch a cold from your AC.  Not really.  At least not from the temperature anyway. But your nasal passages can be dried out from running your AC constantly.

Another myth:  Any drink can rehydrate you on a hot day.  FALSE!  Sugary drinks and alcohol can DE-hydrate you.  Stick to high quality H20 and Gatorade.

Clouds do not block out UV rays on a cloudy day!  Wear sunblock.

And I final one…a pool DOES NOT double as a shower.  So shower before AND after you go swimming!

I am Tim Thomas…I am here to help!  Happy Summer!