As if kicking the collective butts of our beloved Bears twice a year wasn’t enough, the most vile quarterback in the land has landed a (temporary, thank God) side gig.

Aarrrr…whoa, almost slipped there…A-A-Ron has been tapped as a Jeopardy! guest-host.

The QB from up derr dropped the news during Tuesday’s appearance on The Pat McAfee Show – revealing that he’s already filmed the episode and that it “will be released here pretty soon”.

Rodgers appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy in 2015, winning $50,000 for charity.  He says the late Alex Trebek was “one of my idols growing up.” (Blahhhhhh…of course he was…gag me, Rodgers)

However, Rodgers didn’t tune in Monday to watch Ken Jennings’ debut as interim host – he was busy watching film to prepare for Saturday’s playoff game vs. the Rams, which I hope he loses in epic fashion.