The Huskies Are A-Coming!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and my husband and I have been members of the Morton Arboretum for several years. The thing I love most about our membership is all of the special events, and Husky Heroes might be my favorite one.

Every year, Morton Arboretum has huskies come and demonstrate dog sledding and other activities. Unfortunately, those activities are canceled this year due to extenuating circumstances, but, you can still meet (and adopt!) huskies!

This Sunday is the first dog admission day of 2022 at Morton Arboretum. You can visit the Arboretum with your dog, for a $5 admission fee per dog.

AND, you can also meet adoptable huskies, like the one you see me with in the picture. This was taken at a Husky Heroes event at the arboretum a few years ago.

You too can interact with these gorgeous, friendly dogs, take photos with them, and if you fall in love, perhaps even adopt one! There will also be a special dog gift shop.

You must buy your time entry tickets in advance, and numbers must get their timed entry passes. Find out more about this Sunday’s activities at Morton Arboretum HERE