So this week I am handing over the wheel of the Music Challenge to Mr. Doin’ the Cruise himself … Mitch Michaels.   I knew Mitch would have some seriously good Music Challenge Questions and he didn’t let me down.  He is starting with a good one … What was the first album you bought?  (and do you still have it?).

The key part of this question for me is the word bought.   I owned albums that my parents bought me when I was little… I remember I had Abba – The Album,  Donna Summers – Hot Stuff and the soundtrack to Grease of course.  I did buy some 45’s with my own money but it wasn’t until I was a little older that I bought my first album with my own money.   I remember the moment pretty vividly.  It seemed like such a lot of money (of course it was absolutely nothing compared to prices today …)  But the first album I bought was … Blondie’s Parallel Lines.    I loved the single Heart of Glass and had a total girl crush on Debbie Harry.  Check out this video and you will understand why!

As to the second part of the Mitch Michael’s Music Challenge … YES … I still have it … infact Nick Jakusz and I made a video on Record Store Day where we shared our vinyl collection and … my Parallel Lines album was in the pile I shared. (Here is a still shot as proof!)

Now head over to Facebook and let Mitch know your first ever record purchase…