The Most Amazing Truck Stop?

Hi this is Leslie Harris and I want to tell you about the most amazing truck stop in the world, and it’s right here in Illinois.

Wally’s, in Pontiac Illinois, it was created by a couple of guys who were bored on a road trip and wanted something to break it up.

Wally’s has drum smokers, portable fire pits, pool toys, camo clothing, guns that shoot table salt to kill insects, stand, a popcorn stand, jerky by the pound, snacks, fountain drinks, bulk candy, road trip games, jams and mustards, artsy reusable bags, all kinds of gift items like tortilla warmers, pillows with uplifting sayings, brightly colored kitchen utensils, pretty foldable travel slippers, a section of items for pets and pet lovers, scented candles, costume jewelry, a fairly well stocked beer and booze section including peach whiskey, cinnamon whiskey, peanut butter whiskey, mango habanero whiskey and even salty watermelon whiskey.

Of course Wally’s also has plenty of gas pumps, and lots of clean restrooms. It’s a fun place to visit.

If you’re ever trvelling south on I55, check out Wally’s in Pontiac Illinois. It might even be a fun outing with the kids this summer.

Have you been to Wally’s? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments.