The Most Popular Resolution – Enjoy Life to the Fullest!

Have you completed any Resolutions yet?  I like to set goals that I can complete in January.  It kinda feels like cheating, but otherwise I won’t do anything.  I wasn’t sure what goal to set this year…I have a hard enough time getting to the gym so weight loss is out.  I don’t smoke or drink so that was out.  Unless I made a resolution to start drinking or smoking….no, too mid-life crisis.  My girlfriend Angela said I should do something easy like update my resume.  That sounded like the most fun, so here it is:

Jessi Beretta

Objective: To gain employment in a completely unsupervised and over-paid position.

Strengths:  Excellent at cashing a check.  Great People Person while working solo.

Preferences:  Nice cushy job with flexible hours Tuesday – Wednesday

Education:   All Undergrad work completely self-taught with a Masters in YouTube and PhD of Google.

Work History: It’s complicated

References: Steely Dan, Mitch Michaels & Leonard Skinerd