The Worth Of The British Royal Family. Pound For Pound!

The British Royal family has been in the news so much of late. Of course the sad loss of 99 year old Prince Phillip and all the conjecture and talk of Megan and Harry. The monarchy in Britain is so very revered by the British people that I think it’s hard for us over here across the pond to really get a feeling for it. They love their Queen and all her family for the most part! Princess Diana was of course the ultimate outlier, but she was so beloved around the world it was hard for the royal family to separate her completely from their shadow even after her divorce from Prince Charles. Harry and Megan are working on that now, but still the family ties are strong and demanding. So are the fortunes tied to the Windsor family. Now they’re not in the Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk category when it comes to finances, but no tag days for any of the Royals. Here’s a breakdown on individual wealth within the royal family!

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