Things That Were Normal in the ’90s, But Are Rare or Nonexistent Now

Here is another fun list of how things have changed since the 90’s.

thread is going viral on Reddit where people are talking about things that were normal in the ’90s . . . but are rare or NONEXISTENT now.  Here are a few of the highlights, which will make some people feel VERY old.

1.  A Discman plugged into a cassette tape with a wire to play music in your car.

2.  Hotlines for the weather report, current time, and movie show times.

3.  Talking to your friend’s mom to see if they were home.

4.  Being unreachable, with no one thinking that it was unusual or rude.

5.  Picking someone up from the airport, and waiting for them at their gate.

6.  Card catalogs to find books in a library.

7.  Pressing “Play” and “Record” at the same time.

8.  The “yellow pages.”

9.  Taking your disposable camera to get developed.

10.  Pogs.  And slap bracelets.

11.  Bras on cars.

12. Actually having to meet people at the time and place you said you’d meet them when you made plans.