I have always been a fan of Sir David Attenborough.   His nature shows are epic and his narration is amazing.   In fact his nature shows are my go-to when I have had a rough day.  I have always found his voice soothing.  But needless to say there is so much more to this man than just a soothing voice.    Just read below from the website Global Citizen

In the last episode of Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II series, the iconic environmentalist turned his attention to the growing problem of plastic waste.

The episode showed baby birds feeding on bits of plastic, coastlines covered in pollution, and marine environments around the world teeming with plastic waste.

Throughout it all, Attenborough urged viewers to become more sustainable — and his efforts seem to have paid off. A new report by GlobalWebIndex shows that people in the US and UK reduced their single-use plastic use by 53% over the last 12 months.

The authors attribute the steep decline to the “Attenborough effect.

Truly an amazing man who has done so much good introducing us to so many species of amazing animals and educating us all on the effect we are having on our planet.


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