This Summer’s Grossest Treat Has Arrived: A Ketchup Popsicle

There’s a line in the movie “Tommy Boy” about how someone could sell a KETCHUP POPSICLE to someone in white gloves.  Well, it only took about 25 years, but you can finally have a ketchup popsicle.

French’s has partnered with a Canadian popsicle company to create a ketchup popsicle called the “French’sicle.”  It’s described as “perfectly savory, with a hint of salty sweetness.”

The bad news is you can only purchase these at pop-up locations in Canada . . . BUT they have provided a recipe so that you can make them at home.  There are only three ingredients, so it won’t be torture…to make!  It could very well be torture to consume.

You’re supposed to take 3 1/4 cups tomatoe juice, 1/2 cup of ketchup and a couple teaspoons of Frank’s RedHot and mix it all together.

And if you want to be super-Canadian about it, you can sprinkle it with Caesar Rim, which is like what you would rim your Blood Mary glass with.