This Whole “Don’t Date Your Documents with ’20′” Stuff is Bupkis

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying into this latest internet fear that some nefarious character is going to change the date on my documents if I use two digits for the year.

I’m sorry, but when did we have to start worrying about someone changing the date on our checks and documents? Sure, it’s possible someone changes “3-11-20” to “3-11-2019.” Isn’t it just as likely they change it to 8-11-20 or 3-17-20?

Where was this fear over the last ten years?! Couldn’t forgers change 3-11-13 to 3-11-18? Or 3-11-19 to 3-11-1999?

I’m not here to tell you to not be safe. If fully writing out “2020” give you peace of mind, then by all means do it. I’m just not buying that this is a real problem, much like in 1999 when we were all afraid our entire national computer systems were going to go dark because computers couldn’t handle the year 2000 – aka, the Y2K scare.

But hey, it sure makes for fun internet content, right?!