Hello All, it’s Tim Thomas and I want you to help add to our playlist!

One of the great things about our station is the music we play.  The best of the best.  And there is so much amazing material from all of the artists that we play that it is hard to play it all.  So for this week and going forward I will be featuring an artist that we play and recommending a few “Deep Cuts” that I think should get some airplay on The River! And I want your input!

So starting with the letter “A” lets go with AC/DC.  There is so much amazing music that this band has put out, from both the Bon Scott era and the Brian Johnson era.  I have chosen 4 songs that I think would sound great on our airwaves and would be considered a Deep Cut.

It A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)


Problem Child

Big Gun

Hard As A Rock

All 4 are great tunes and I hope you give them a listen.  Maybe add them to your playlist.  Or ours?