Hope you Saturday is off to a good start.  Tim Thomas with you, and how did I miss Guns N Roses when I went through Deep Cuts in the letter G.  I fix that problem today.

This band’s debut album Appetite For Destruction is one of the top selling debut albums of all time.  Some would make the argument that it signified the beginning of the end of the hair metal era in music.  This band had a hard rock sound that was grittier and heavier and front man Axl Rose had, and still has one of the most unique voices in rock.  In 2011 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility.

So what Deep Cuts have I selected from their library?  Here are my 4 choices:

My Michelle- Appetite For Destruction

Mr Brownstone- Appetite For Destruction

One In A Million- GNR Lies

You Could Be Mine- Use Your Illusion II

If you have a favorite please share it on our Facebook page, and give them a listen below and see if you agree with my choices.  Thanks for listening!

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