It’s Thursday Night!  National Mic Check Day!  You know because it is 12-12?  And we have hit the letter “N” so tonight I feature the band Night Ranger on Deep Cuts!

I had the luxury of meeting this band and their front man and guitarist Jack Blades.  Just a bunch of guys who love playing music and still can draw a crowd.  They are probably most know for their power ballad Sister Christian, but they have had many other songs you would recognize.  And they have some amazing Deep Cuts too.  Here are the 4 I have selected:

The Secret Of My Success- Big Life

Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight- Dawn Patrol

Let Him Run- Midnight Madness

Sentimental Street- 7 Wishes

Give them a listen and check them out below:  Thank you for listening.  And share your thoughts on your favorite Deep Cuts on our Facebook page.