Well we made it to the end of the week!  Happy Friday!  I have now arrived at the letter “S” in my Deep Cuts series. So tonight we talk about the German band that has been rocking for almost 50 years and will be co-headlining a summer tour with Whitesnake.  Lets feature the band…The Scorpions!

This band has a powerful sound and their lead singer Klaus Meine has still got the voice.  From people who have seen them in concert…they all say that the band hasn’t lost a step.  I am hoping to see them this summer.  If you like hard rock and heavy metal this band is one worth listening to.

So their library of songs is pretty extensive, but I have selected 4 to get the Deep Cuts treatment.  I hope you agree with my choices, and feel free to share your choices.  Here are mine for you to check out:

Tease Me Please Me- Crazy World

I Can’t Explain- Savage Amusement

Believe In Love- Taken By Force

Raised On Rock- Sting In The Tail

Give them a listen.  Hope you enjoy…and thanks for listening!

~ Tim Thomas