Summer is a time where the kids are out of school and have a lot of free time.  How can you keep them busy? It can’t always be easy.

When I was a kid, during the summer months, I was involved with various activities.  I did various camps, like soccer and basketball.  I went away to camp for a week.  I played little league baseball and went swimming…A LOT!

But I also was kept busy by my parents.  I mowed lawns, had a part time job.  I helped out around the house.  Maybe they were trying to tire me out.  It didn’t work.    🙂

A good idea might be to give kids activities that also challenge their mind a bit as well as their physical bodies.  I was in a chess club.  When I was a kid, I read a bit more.   Maybe your kids would like to volunteer somewhere…an animal shelter perhaps?

One more point.  It is OK to let your kids be bored once in a while.  It will allow your kids to be a bit more self reliant and creative.  This way they will learn how to fill their own time.  You do not need to shuttle them from one activity to another all the time.  Long term…it will benefit them.

My name is Tim Thomas…and I am here to help!