Okay so tonight we are moving on to the sixties… a decade of great diversity in music … there was something for everyone’s musical taste.  Truth be told this is a difficult challenge coming up with a top three songs from each decade … I have already thought of some fifties songs I would like to add to last nights list and imagine tomorrow I will want to tweak this list!  But keeping in mind this is just a bit of fun and not legally binding …here we go … my top three favorite sixties tunes.

This decade could be just about Motown for me … some of my favorite artists rose to fame in this decade …I love Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder so much that I couldn’t begin to pick just one song  but there are some Motown artists who have one song that I truly adored …like Ms. Martha Reeves  …

I had this 45 as a child and played it in my bedroom singing into my hairbrush so many times that it had to make the list.

Although I really could just stick to Motown there was so much great rock music in the sixties but this one is tough … I almost went with a Doors tune … then a Beatles track but ended up with this one …. Just because it makes me dance every time and I never tire of hearing it ….

Lastly I have to head back to Motown … now this is a chicken/egg song for me … did I love this song before Duckie sang it in Pretty in Pink or was that what truly made it for me.  I really don’t remember but I just know I love everything about this song, the melody, the lyrics and Otis’ amazing voice … it is a truly a sixties classic.

and just for fun … here is one of the best lip sync renditions ever …

So again swing over to Facebook and let me know what are some of your favorites from the sixties … were you all about Motown, Surf tunes or dare I say it … were you more about the British invasion?