They say communication is a big key to a successful relationship.  Not sure who “they” are…but I digress.

I have spoken to many couples in my life and this seems to be a common theme.  But it isn’t always easy.  And yes, arguments can occur.  Is there any topic that is off limits?

As it turns out, there are certain topics that are harder to talk about with your partner than others.  Money…seems to be a common one. Here are some stats from a recent survey that backs that up:

16% of women say money is worst subject to discuss with their partner.

28% of women would rather talk about being not satisfied in the bedroom than money.

29% of couples would rather discuss dating history.

Is there a topic that is off limits with your significant other?  For me…it is often politics.  But I have learn to discuss what may be off limits…and proceed with caution!  I am Tim Thomas…I am here to help.   🙂