So I have shared with you before how I was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of music.  In fact my Dad loved music so much that he created music nights.  These were nights where my Dad would bring people together (it always included my Dad and myself but sometimes it would be one of my friends, sometimes it would be one of my Dad’s friends or sometimes it would be another family member.    So the assignment was you had 30 minutes to present some of your favorite music and explain why you like it.

So we would arrive with a stack of albums and the notes to go along with the tracks.   We would then take turns playing a track and talk about it after.  Obviously we were all cordial and it was a friendly affair.  My Dad played jazz … my friends played rock … I would play a lot of new wave and poppy punk.  Occasionally we would have a guest who would bring some country.  It really was fun night.   Like most girls … my Dad’s opinion was so important to me which is probably why I remember so vividly how much he didn’t like the Violent Femmes.  I played him a couple tracks by the band.  I had just bought their 1983 debut album and was totally hooked on the band.  But my Dad wasn’t having it … he thought they were rubbish.

Listening to them now (and I am actually close to the age he was then), I guess I can see why he wasn’t a fan.  The song topics are a little dark and the lead vocals aren’t exactly melodic.   Having said that … I still am a big fan.  I have seen them in concert several times and I think their music holds up today.  So there you go Dad … we are going to have to continue to agree to disagree.