I love the city of Chicago … it is one of the main reasons I tolerate the insanely rubbish weather and the insanely high taxes we have here.   There are other cities I love to.  (London … obviously)  but I like some of the smaller ones as well.  Kansas City is pretty cool,  Louisville is fab … particularly around Derby time.   San Francisco is amazing and if I was a millionaire who was not terrified of earthquakes I would totally live there.  I have a real soft spot for Detroit as I went to University there and in recent years have been blown away at how many cool areas Detroit has (Eastern Market is totally worth a visit if you are in town.)  I have been lucky enough to travel and Sydney, Australia is an amazing place and the people of Bangkok make that city pretty amazing.

So I have love for many places geographically … but I guess if I was choosing a song … I have to go with this classic because sometimes I do get the calling.   I haven’t been to London in over a year but am popping across the pond in June so will be able to get my fix then.

So for tonight’s Music Challenge … I give you the legendary Clash with London Calling .

Now your turn … a song about a city … so many great ones to choose from!