What’s Your Biggest Fear Going To The Grocery Store? COVID Or Getting Shot?

For the past year we’ve been taking our lives in our hands every time we go to the grocery store because of COVID-19. Now the shootings in Atlanta and Boulder have again raised gun control and safety issues. It’s not outrageous to want to feel safe in a grocery store or in a place of business that you frequent, but because of these events we again don’t feel safe! Both of the shooters bought their weapons within days of their attacks and you have to wonder if there had been a longer waiting period or a more aggressive background check in place would something have been different. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do hear politicians say that they are opposed to more strenuous laws making it more difficult to buy a weapon without universal background checks. They say it won’t work, but my question is if we’ve never tried it how do we know that? Love to have gun owners and 2nd amendment advocates jump in here and voice their opinions and no I’m not advocating taking away your guns. I believe and support the 2nd amendment.  I have attached the story of the man discovered in a Publix grocery store in Atlanta this past Wednesday loading six weapons in a bathroom. What do you suppose he was gonna do? This is scary stuff and I’d like hear some ideas and suggestions on what directions you’d like to see our politicians and this country move!

Man With 6 Firearms Arrested At Grocery Store In Atlanta. Click Here For Full Story.