When You Head To The Movies, Remember to Bring Your Manners

Hi, this is Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch again. Have you made it back to the movie theaters? I went once, a few months ago to see In the Heights, and it was glorious!

Quite a few people have gone back to the theaters, but apparently they forgot movie theater etiquette.

One movie theater worker posted on social media that it took three of them 45 minutes to clean the theater, after 194 movie goers left 6 large, 50 gallon trash bags of garbage all over the theater, much of it on the floor. They found popcornThe worker said they needed to get the big broom out.

I know most of us are used to leaving our trash in the theater, but let’s stop doing that. If you’re headed to the theater, do those theater workers a favor and take your garbage with. There are always plenty of bins in the lobby.