Winter Is Coming! Here’s What They’re Telling Us.

So I’ve always liked Fall, it’s just what comes after that I have a problem with. Doesn’t give ya a whole lot to look forward to. Oh ok there’s the holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, but we still have to slog through cold and ice and snow and wear multiple layers! I know quit your whining! If ya don’t like it move! I get it, but I’ve spent my entire life here in the midwest. First in Cleveland where I was born and grew up and then here in Chicago for almost 49 years now. That freaks me out! 49 years and where’d the time go? OK so let’s look ahead to our oncoming Winter. The experts are predicting a milder one but with a good bit of snow and rain. Just remember the word prognosticator because that’s what all these experts are. A few synonyms of prognosticator are fortune-teller, futurist, prophesier, prophet, seer, soothsayer, visionary. Now I’m not trying to throw cold water on what these visionaries tell us, but….well you know!

So here’s the experts report on the weather for the winter.