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Without telling your age, what song reminds you of your high school years?

Music totally takes you back to where you were when you first heard it.  Certain songs are played so often on the radio during certain times in your life that you totally associate them with that time.  Summers are filled with fun songs,  anthems arise during moments in history and sometimes you just discover your favorite band.  High school is such a formative time for music lovers.  We have started to really figure out what music we love and we love to tell everyone about it.

So for me LIVE AID was one of the biggest musical moments in my teen years but it happened right after I graduated High School.  So if I want to go back to a song that takes me back to sitting in those classrooms or enjoying the fine cuisine of the high school cafeteria … I have to go with this one …

I have always been a huge Duran Duran fan … I first met Simon LeBon when I was thirteen and have been smitten ever since … Of course they had big hits but the ones that remind me of High School the most are the B-sides that I discovered playing records in my bedroom and then telling my fellow Duranies about at school … the one below was the first song that came to mind for me … so taking me back to those days … I will now tell you about this lesser known Duran Duran song … enjoy this eighties flashback.

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