YEAH, Baby! Happy 50th Anniversary Mitch!

Hi, Leslie in for Nick again this week, and it’s my fault that Mitch Michaels is here celebrating his 50th anniversary of the first time he was on the air in Chicago. Let me explain.

Several years ago, I was working here at 95.9 The River. We had an opening at one of our sister stations in Joliet. I was Facebook friends with Mitch Michaels, but hadn’t seen him since the ’80s when we worked together at WCKG – FM. I honestly did not think that Mitch would be interested in working at a smaller station in Joliet, and I almost didn’t reach out to him.

Well I’m glad I did, because he was in fact interested, and ended up going to work at Q Rock. Mind you, Q Rock had a much more mainstream rock format back then.

Fast forward a few years later. Q Rock was rocking harder, and so it was decided that Mitch would be a much better fit for the River. So you see, it’s my fault that he’s here!

Happy anniversary Mitch! Glad to have known you all these years, and looking forward to quite a few more good ones.