I don’t know about you but I perform all the time … I perform in my car … I perform when I’m working out on my elliptical … and I perform in my living room when no one is watching!   I have been the lead singer at a gazillion concerts and for many, many bands, singing many different songs … Of course all of these performances have been in my imagination.   I am assuming I am not alone with this phenomenon (of course if I am … then I might need to seek help!)

So that got me thinking … what if I really could just go up on that stage and sing one song with one band … which song would I choose and which band.   Would I want to be Stevie dancing with my shawl or would I want to be Annie Lennox rocking out with Dave Stewart in the Eurythmics … the answer is yes.   But there is one lead singer who I so admire … mainly because I will never, ever (ever, ever) be as cool as she is and that is Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.   She is not a showy performer but you can tell she loves every second she is on stage.

So join me in my imaginary world and pretend that’s me in the sparkly top hat … rocking out … looking cooler than anyone should be allowed to look …(and actually knowing how to play guitar)  as I sing Middle of the Road with the Pretenders!

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