You’re Almost Guaranteed to See One!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and I love spending time outside, especially this time of year. Yes it’s hot and sticky, but going for a walk in the woods is always delightful.

I met a friend of mine in Rosemont at Catherine Chevalier woods. It’s a really beautiful spot, with the Des Plaines River running right through it. My friend got there a little before I did and said that she had seen a deer, and that she had chosen that spot because she had read that we were almost guaranteed to see them. Well, you know me and my love of animals.

After walking for about an hour and a half, I was becoming disappointed that I hadn’t seen a deer, when I spotted one in the woods. I slowly made my way toward her so as not to scare her, but instead she actually came out of the woods and closer to me!

She let me get some really good pictures of her before she walked away. It was a wonderful encounter. (The photo you see here is just one of many that I got of her)

My friend and I, along with her two dogs, enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Catherine Chevalier woods. It’s a beautiful spot, although the trails could be marked a little more clearly, and I would also appreciate a few more benches.

The preserve is off of River road, North of Foster Avenue, close to O’Hare.

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