A Fun Scavenger Hunt in the Western Suburbs
Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I’m surprised that this has escaped my radar until now, given that it’s been going on since January 2nd. Downers Grove is having an architectural scavenger hunt.
You may know that there’s a lot of history to Downers Grove. In fact, Downers Grove was founded the year before Chicago was. Many houses in Downers Grove or stops on the underground railroad. The Tivoli Theater in downtown Downers Grove was the second theater in the country built to show talkies.
Anyway, you can still get in on the fun. It’s organized by the Downers Grove historical Society in partnership with oOange and Brew.
Pick up an answer sheet at Orange and Brew, and then identify as many of the architectural details around town as you can. Drop off your completed sheet at Orange and Brew by closing time on Sunday, and next Tuesday one entry will be drawn to win a $50 gift card.
They’ve had new clue sheets every Tuesday, and they’ll have one more this coming Tuesday, January 30th.
Find out more about downtown Downers Grove architectural scavenger hunt HERE