Kevin Bacon Makes a Surprising Return
Leslie Harris here, and can you believe that Footloose is turning 40 this year?
That iconic movie about dancing, starting Kevin Bacon was shot at Payson high School in Utah. The students have been bombarding Kevin Bacon on social media to pay a visit to the school with #BacontoPayson.
Kevin Bacon said the students finally wore him down.
He addressed the school’s football field on Saturday and said, “When I first heard about this Bacon to Payson thing, I was like, “Wow this is crazy. But you were all just tireless. You talked to me into it.”
The students also recreated movie scenes, choreographed videos, and even pledged to create 5000 essential resource kits to help Bacon’s foundation which targets communities that have fewer resources. The foundation is committed to creating 40,000 of these kits as part of the Footloose40 initiative.
Kevin Bacon posed with some students, stopped by his old locker and was given an honorary peace in high school diploma.
The students we’re hoping that Bacon would stop by their final prom, as the building is being demolished since the school is relocating.
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