A Illinois Politician Introduced a Bill to Let People Drive 25 MPHs Over the Speed Limit

The guy on his phone who just zipped by you doing 90 might think this is a good idea.  Everyone else isn’t so sure . . .

An Illinois state congressman introduced a bill this week that would prevent cops from pulling you over unless you’re going at least 26 MILES over the speed limit.

They wouldn’t even scan your plate and fine you.  If the limit was 70, you wouldn’t have to worry about a ticket unless you were doing at least 96.

Democrat Justin Slaughter introduced the bill on Monday, and speeding isn’t the only thing it would let people do.  It would also stop cops from pulling you over for expired plates . . . defective mirrors . . . no bumpers . . . tinted windows . . . broken headlights . . . and not wearing a seatbelt.

The only time they COULD pull you over is if whatever you did rose to the level of a misdemeanor or felony.  26 miles over is misdemeanor speeding in Illinois.

Pretty much everyone thinks it’s a bad idea . . . including the guy behind it!

Justin backed off the idea yesterday after people tore him apart on social media.  He says he only introduced the bill to continue a “conversation” about people getting pulled over for minor stuff and then busted for things like drugs.

Last year, Illinois passed a law that made it okay to hang fuzzy dice from your rearview mirror.  So that’s the conversation he’s talking about.

What’s with all these “conversation starter” bills lately?  There was also one in Missouri last month.  To prevent politicians from just flinging insults, a Republican proposed letting them challenge each other to duels again. So weird.