A Restaurant in Oak Brook Is Selling a $1,893 Bowl of Soup!

When you’re considering ordering soup at a restaurant, you probably aren’t worried about PRICE . . . because, well, it’s soup.  But that isn’t always the case.

A restaurant in Chicago is selling a soup for $1,893! It’s being served for a limited time at “The Colonial Room” within The Drake: Oak Brook.

They have a signature dish called Bookbinder soup, which is usually $10 . . . and this is a LUXURIOUS upgrade, which is made with super rare Louis XIII cognac instead of regular dry sherry.  You also get a little snifter of the spirit.

It also features:  “Ossetra caviar” and “red snapper from the Gulf of Mexico,” which is flown in fresh for every order…which means, yeah, you need to order it two weeks in advance, so it can’t just be an impulse buy.  It’s also garnished with gold flakes, because of course it is!

The Daily Herald has some more information and great photos of it being prepared in the story linked above.

The specific $1,893 price comes from the date of the original recipe for the soup, which was created by Samuel Bookbinder in 1893 in Philadelphia.