A Simple Thank You.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people that made my 50th Anniversary on Chicago radio, yesterday, so special. First our fearless leader, Told Boss, who really put everything together and put it all in motion, plus my dear friend Scott Childers who scrounged up a bunch of stuff and made the day even better with some amazing memories. Thanks also to my guy, my producer, Antoine Koris for keeping track of and coordinating all the guests and keeping me pointed forward. And of course all my friends and cohorts and family who joined me on the air in celebration. Jim Jarvis from The Paramount and RiverEdge Park, my friend and co-writer of my book Ken Churilla, old friend and air mate Tom O’Toole (The Loop & WLS-FM), Ron Romero (Illinois R&R Museum), old and dear friend Pat Cassidy (WBBM), Chuck Britton another air mate from The Loop, Ron Onesti the PT Barnum of RnR from The Arcada  and Des Plains Theaters, John Dempsey  (WMAQ WLS Fox 32) and Jim Peterik, Ides of March,  General Manager Brian Foster w/ surprise guests, all 4 of my kids daughters Jennifer & McKenna, sons Jeff & Mitchell, John “Records” Landecker and my affor mentioned Boss, The Bossman, Todd Boss. I also must thank you, the listeners, the audience, for all your years of loyalty and listenership because if you weren’t here none of this would be happening! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. So I guess that makes today day 1 of the 51st year. Are you listening?  I’m ready, how bout you?

The book might make a great stocking stuffer. Merry Christmas.


Doin The Cruise: Memories From a Lifetime In Radio and Rock n Roll.