The Ideal Time to Poop on an Airplane

When you need to go #2 on an airplane, your first thought is, “Can I hold it?”  Because no one WANTS to.  But assuming you can’t hold it . . .

A travel site called “One Mile at a Time” did a big write-up on how to poop on planes, and the ideal TIME to go.  You don’t want to feel rushed, and you don’t want to stink it up then find a line of people outside.  So here’s their advice.

The worst times to go are just after take-off, right after they serve food, and right before you land.  They’re all high-traffic times for airplane lavatories.

The best time to go is just before they START serving food, for three reasons.

1.  Other passengers will be in their seats, so they don’t miss food and drinks.

2.  The crew won’t be in the galley to hear you PUNISHING that poor toilet.

3.  Once the carts are in the aisles, people CAN’T use the bathroom.  So it’s your best shot at having no one waiting outside.

Other tips:  Flush as soon as you go, and then again when you’re done.  And use a ton of soap when you wash up.  Most planes have foaming soap, which has a stronger scent.  So it almost acts like an air freshener.

You can check out One Mile at a Time if you want to dive deeper into high-elevation pooping.