A Smiley Face on Your Receipt Makes You Tip More

I kind of thought this was a joke but after reading the article it makes sense. Emoji’s have become the way most of us communicate these days. On FB you show pick the heart emoji if you love something. If you are angry at a post, there’s a face for that…and of course the poop emoji was very popular but has run its course and has run out of gas. Read on for the smiley fact tip survey…

Has a waiter or waitress ever drawn a smiley face on your receipt?  Like they think we’re so dumb, the fake cheer will make us tip more?  Well, they might be right . . .

A new study in the Journal of Hospitality Management found people DO tip more if they see a smiley face on their receipt.  But the kind your server draws wasn’t really what they looked at.

They printed different tip suggestions on people’s receipts, like 15, 20, or 25%.  And each one had a different emoji next to it.  So, they basically wanted to see if the emojis would SHAME people into tipping more.

The lowest percentage had a neutral-face emoji.  The rest had smiley faces, and the smile got bigger and bigger as the percentages went up.

The average tip without emojis on there was 22.9%, and rose to 25.4% with them . . . an 11% increase.

They also tried it with delivery orders, and saw a 10% bump.  And takeout orders saw the biggest increase, 33% bigger tips.

(ScienceDirect / NY Post)