An Airline Accidentally Sold Tickets for as Low as $1.37

Dear Delta, United, and every other major airline.  Please make a mistake like this.  I need to buy my tickets home for the holidays soon . . .

An airline in China called China Southern had to scramble last week after they accidentally started selling plane tickets for as low as $1.37.  (!!!)

There was a glitch in their app that extended to several ticket-booking platforms as well.  Tickets were priced between $1.37 and $4.12.  And a bunch of people scooped them up.

It’s not clear exactly how many tickets sold at that price.  But word quickly started to spread online, and they didn’t fix the glitch for two hours.  So, more than just a few tickets.

This same type of thing happened to an airline in Japan in April, and all those tickets got canceled.  So you’d think the same would happen this time, but NO.

China Southern put out a statement saying the tickets are “all valid,” and passengers can use them like they normally would, so credit to them for that!

You can get more info here CNN and here Insider.