We’re already (only?) five days removed from the double-doink heard ’round Chicago, and it’s still everywhere you look. It’s popping up as good-natured ribbing in neighborhood front yards, but its also still showing up on our televisions and radios thanks in large part to the man himself.

The future former Bears kicker thought it would be a good idea to get on national television today to rub salt in our stillhealing wounds further explain the situation from his point of view.

I’m not sure what came of this dog and pony show. He didn’t really give us anything new. It was a lot of cliches and awkward giggling that did nothing other than replay the entire sequence in our minds’ eyes.

It’s not that talking about it ruins my day. I’m not some Kindergartner who had his cookie taken away – life goes on. I’m just tired of hearing it! Cody, I appreciate your willingness to stand up and answer questions, but I think it’s just time you go away!