Are Gaitors As Effective As Other Types Of Masks?

Masks! So much discussion and difference of opinion about their effectiveness, their ability to protect, their essential need at all and of course their obstruction of ones face and signature. The vast majority of health professionals seem to believe that masks are the way to go in stopping the spread of COVID-19. There are those who feel their rights are being violated by any mask mandate or requirement. They’ve become a political statement and also a fashion statement. Sports teams, businesses looking to advertise their names and many other uses have become common place. I’m guilty of using them to promote my radio show (pictured above), but now with many different styles the actually effectiveness is being called into question. Are they all as good at protecting us or is there different levels of good coverage! Gaitors are one of the innovations that have sprung up and they have been questioned.

Here’s the latest on gaitors effectiveness.