Black Friday Preview: Which Products Will Have the Deepest Discounts?

Are you doing any shopping on Black Friday this year? Just know that not all deals are created equal.

If you are shopping, every website on the internet claims to have a list of the “best deals.”  But here’s some general info you might find useful. looked at how much cheaper things will be compared to what you’d normally get them for on Amazon.

They ranked them across seven different categories.  Here are the additional discounts they expect to see this weekend . . .

1.  Consumer packaged goods.  That’s things you use up, like laundry detergent and toilet paper.  Some stuff like that could be 35% cheaper than normal.

2.  Clothing and accessories.  Up to 32% off.

3.  Appliances, 28%.

4.  Toys, 26%.

5.  Computers and phones, 22%.

6.  Other electronics, 21%.

7.  Furniture, 11%.

Just don’t expect EVERYTHING to be on sale.  They say 35% of products won’t be any cheaper than normal.

Check here at WalletHub for some of the finer details!