Brookfield Zoo Adds 130-foot Ferris Wheel To Celebrate Anniversary

Your visit to the Brookfield Zoo is about to be taken to new heights!

To celebrate the zoo’s 90th anniversary, they have installed a Ferris wheel that stands an impressive 130 feet above the ground.

Opening on March 15th and continuing through Dec. 31, the massive Anniversary Ferris Wheel will feature 24 gondolas that seat up to six people each, as well as multicolored LED lighting that will illuminate brightly during evening hours and events. The attraction will be located just east of the newly landscaped Roosevelt Fountain.

Tickets are $8 per person, $6 for Zoo members, and free to Unlimited-level members and those with redeemable attraction vouchers.

Other good BZ news: the dolphins are back! While Seven Seas underwent necessary updates and renovations, Brookfield Zoo’s dolphins were temporarily housed at Minnesota Zoo. The dolphins recently returned to Brookfield Zoo and are currently reacclimating to their habitat. Seven Seas will reopen to the public in late March: Dolphins in Action presentations are scheduled to resume on Friday, March 22, and guests will be able to see the animals from the Underwater Viewing Gallery beginning Monday, March 25.

Also, for the first time ever, koalas will be making their home at BZ!