ChatGPT Advice for Kids Who Can’t Help But Use It…

Some guy tweeted a photo after his cousin in seventh grade used ChatGPT to cheat on a book report.  It was on the 1989 novel “The Joy Luck Club”, and the whole report is written out by hand.

The first clue a kid didn’t write it is the vocabulary.  How many seventh graders use the word “POIGNANT”?

But there’s an even more obvious clue in that same paragraph.  Even though he copied it by hand, he forgot to remove ChatGPT’s DISCLAIMER at the bottom.

The last paragraph starts, quote, “As an A.I. language model, I don’t have personal expectations or opinions.”  (???)  (Here’s the tweet.)

Some people think it’s fake, because the handwriting looks a little too good for a seventh-grader.  Other people think it’s real.  And kids are just so lazy now, they can’t even cheat right.

(NY Post)