Chevrolet Is going to stop making the Chevy Malibu

This might sound weird, but not a lot of car companies make “cars” anymore.  (???)

Chevrolet just announced they’re killing off the Chevy Malibu this fall.  It debuted in 1964 as a luxury version of the Chevelle, called the Chevelle Malibu.  They spun it off as its own model in 1978.

(Here’s the 1964 model, the 1978 model, and the 2024 model.)

It was the last traditional four-door sedan Chevy made, as they’ve shifted heavily toward trucks and SUVs.  The Corvette still exists, and they’ve got their Chevy Bolt electric vehicles.  So they DO still make cars, just not a lot of them.

Ford has also abandoned traditional sedans.  They discontinued their Ford Taurus in 2018, so now the Mustang is the only traditional car they sell.  Chevy ditched its main competitor the Camaro last year.

Even Telsa doesn’t liked being called a “car company.”  Elon Musk recently claimed they’re really more of an “A.I. robotics company.”

The Toyota Camry was the best-selling traditional car in the U.S. last year.  But it was just eighth overall behind a bunch of trucks, SUVs, and the Tesla Model Y.  The Ford F-Series pickup was #1.  (CNN)