Chicago Woman Quarantines in Airplane Bathroom after Testing Positive

A Chicago woman who was on a plane to Iceland last week spent four hours quarantining in the aircraft’s bathroom — after learning mid-flight she’d contracted the coronavirus.

Marisa Fotieo, who works as a teacher in the city, says she took five rapid tests and a couple PCR tests before the flight: all negative, but she started to develop a sore throat somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. She stepped into a restroom on the plane, took a rapid COVID test and discovered she’d been infected. Because the flight was nearly full, Fotieo says she decided to “just stay in the bathroom for the rest of the flight” — which amounted to four hours. “I can’t believe I spent four hours in that bathroom, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” says Fotieo, who’s now quarantining in Iceland.

This is really a great show of kindness and empathy on her part. She didn’t cause an uproar…she didn’t curse out the flight crew or demand to be seated. Her positive test seems like a false positive, seeing as how she tested so many times before, but I have to give her credit! It could have been a valid positive, and this teacher set a great example by doing what she needed to do to keep everyone safe.

Fotieo’s father and brother — who were traveling with her — tested negative for the virus, she says.

CNN has more details on it.