Chicagoland Will See Totality during the Next Total Eclipse to Clip Illinois

We all know the total solar eclipse is happening on Monday (or has already happened, depending on when you’re reading this).

You may also know the next total solar eclipse to pass over the US will be in 2044, but you’ll have to go out to Montana or North Dakota to see that one. In 2045 there will be another total solar eclipse that traverses mainly the southern United States.

What about the next one to skim over Illinois?! Well, your kids may have a shot at seeing that one!

Not only will a total solar eclipse happen in 2099, but Chicagoland is right in the path of totality…well, most of it anyway! Take a look at this map!

Yep…the northern burbs will get totality,  but if you are west and south of the city, you’ll have to trek northward a bit. Actually, wouldn’t it be crazy to watch the moon’s shadow coming at you from over the lake in southwest Michigan!?

I hope Milwaukee starts planning their events because they are right smack dab in the middle of the path of totality! #MilwaukeeEclipse2099

Well, I’ll have to live to 106 to take this one in, but maybe my elderly kids will be able to enjoy it! Start making those 2099 reservations!