Concert Etiquette 101

Hi, Leslie here, and as you may know I go to a LOT of shows. I try really hard to be considerate of others around me, but I find that many people are inconsiderate. Here’s what I find acceptable and unacceptable at a concert:

Do sing along, but don’t sing so loudly that everyone around you can hear you. People have spent money, or at the very least are spending their time, to hear the artist, not you.

Do clap along, but do not clap with your arms over your head. You are blocking the people behind you from seeing the show.

Do raise your hands over your head, but don’t leave them there for more than a few moments. The band probably cannot see you, and once again, you’re blocking the people behind you from seeing the show.

Do stand, but only if the people in front of you are standing. I know this is a hard one, and it is for me too when one of my favorite songs comes on, but again, it’s all about being considerate so that everyone can enjoy the show.

Do have a few drinks or smokes or whatever it is you like to do, but don’t have so many that you’re literally falling down drunk, or worse yet, vomiting. Yes, these things do happen. Know your limit, and if you don’t know your limit, quit while you’re ahead.

Do take photos and videos, but don’t have your phone up in the air. Do I have to keep saying you’re blocking the people behind you? Apparently I do, because it happens ALL THE TIME. And consider putting your phone away after a few shots, and give your full attention to the performer.

Maybe I’m more sensitive to these things because I’m only 5’3″, which brings me to my next point:

If you’re tall, consider letting a short person stand in front of you. Then you’ll both get to see the show. I’ve been the recipient of this kindness on several occasions, and I’ve always been very grateful.

And if something goes wrong, try to let it go. I had something really disappointing happened recently. The people that I was with were also very disappointed, but stayed calm. Really, there’s absolutely no reason to get agitated. This is also a tough one for me, but I’m working on it.

What would you add to my list of concert etiquette rules? Let me know in the Facebook comments