DIY Fireworks And Hand Sanitizer Don’t Mix!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  I’ve always been a big proponent of professional fireworks.  They’re usually better because the towns spend the big bucks, and they’re much safer.  Of course, this year there are fewer options.  (Of course, you can always head for the Frontier Sports Complex in Naperville tonight and watch from your car.)

But as you plan your 4th of July celebrations, keep this in mind:  Fireworks and hand sanitizer are a dangerous combination.

While you may have been in the habit of using hand sanitizer over the last few months, remember that it is made up of alcohol and alcohol is extremely flammable.

The National Safety Council advises that you leave firework displays to the professionals. If you do desire to shoot any fireworks, keep hand sanitizer far away from any place you will be lighting a fuse.

Personally, I’d rather keep my hands clean than shoot off my own fireworks.  But just remember you can’t do both!