We took our kids to see the new Space Jam 2 last week! My personal review…I didn’t LOVE it. The final basketball game was fun, but the hour that it took to get there wasn’t doin’ it for me. Now, to be fair, I wasn’t expecting much,. other than keeping my kids entertained for a while, which it did! So that made me happy.

Apparently though, I wasn’t the only disappointed one!

Joe Pytka directed the original “Space Jam” back in 1996.  And he’s NOT a fan of “Space Jam: A New Legacy” either.  In fact, he’s got a whole list of things he doesn’t like about it.

First of all, LEBRON JAMES doesn’t compare to MICHAEL JORDAN.  He says, quote, “The truth is that LeBron ain’t Michael.” He says Michael had more “emotional credibility,” because the movie was based on the time where he temporarily quit basketball to try baseball.

Also, unlike LeBron, Jordan was the biggest celebrity in the world when he made HIS “Space Jam” . . . and he brought in more star power for cameos.

In addition, Pytka says the “New Legacy” soundtrack is “insignificant” compared to the original. No doubt about that!

And he also hated the look of Bugs Bunny in the sequel.  He says that in the original, they worked hard to make sure Bugs looked like classic Bugs.

But in “A New Legacy”, he looks like, quote, “one of those fluffy dolls you buy at an airport gift shop to bring your kid when your business trip has taken too long.”

Oh…and Bill Murray. One had Bill Murray and the other didn’t. ‘Nuff said.