Five Healthy Habits That Take Five Minutes or Less

An expert on longevity says five minutes a day might be all it takes to add years to your life.  Here are a few simple things that can improve your health and extend your life . . .

1.  Habit stacking.  Starting a new habit is hard.  But adding a new habit onto an existing one is easier.  You could add mindfulness to your morning coffee routine, or practice gratitude as you brush your teeth.

2.  Micro-meditations.  Checking in with yourself doesn’t need to take long.  A simple technique is focusing on your breath as you inhale for a count of four . . . hold for a count of seven . . . and exhale for a count of eight.

3.  Five-minute workouts.  Research shows even short bursts of regular exercise can help keep you young.  Take a break from work and do some squats or wall sits, or take a brisk walk.  It can improve your whole day.

4.  Social interaction.  Instead of scrolling aimlessly at night, reach out to a few people you care about.  Connecting with friends can raise your levels of the “feel-good” hormone oxytocin, which has anti-inflammatory effects.

5.  Remember what matters.  Having a sense of purpose is linked to a longer life.  So spend a few minutes a day thinking about what your passions are.  It can “not only add more years to your life, but more life to your years.”

(Business Insider)