Five Thanksgiving Foods You Can and Can’t Carry on a Plane

If you’re flying for Thanksgiving and want to bring the entire meal WITH you, the TSA’s got you covered.  They put out their annual list of Thanksgiving foods you can and can’t bring through security.

Here are five foods you might not know you CAN carry on a plane . . .

1.  A whole Thanksgiving turkey.  That includes a raw, cooked, or frozen bird.  You can also carry on other meats, like ham.

2.  Stuffing.  Cooked or uncooked, it’s allowed.  Macaroni-and-cheese too.

3.  Green bean casserole.  Any casserole is okay, as long as it’s not too liquidy.

4.  Fresh fruits and vegetables.  If you want to bring a bag of potatoes or several heads of broccoli, go for it.

5.  Pies.  Homemade or store-bought.  In general, most desserts are okay.

Now, five foods you CAN’T carry on.  If you’re flying with them, they need to go in your checked luggage . . .

1.  Gravy.  Even if it’s thick or frozen, it’s still a liquid.  You have to check it.

2.  Cranberry sauce.  Both kinds are considered “spreadable.”  So it’s too liquidy to carry on.  Jellies and jams also have to be checked.

3.  Canned vegetables.  There’s usually too much liquid in there.

4.  Maple syrup.  It’s thick, but it’s still a liquid.

5.  Alcohol.  That one’s obvious, but a lot of people still try.  You can buy stuff at the Duty-Free store.  But you can’t take bottles or cans of wine, beer, cider, or any type of booze through the TSA line.